Balloon Live Organizer Payment

To use Balloon Live in your competition, you have to pay a one-time organiser fee.
Once paid, the Balloon Live team will set up an event for you on You will then be given access to the competition center on to manage the competition, flights and tasks, download the tracks and score your event.

The organiser fee depends on the number of scheduled flights of your event:
  • 1-3 flights: CHF 50
  • 4-8 flights: CHF 100
  • 9-15 flights: CHF 250
  • 16-20 flights: CHF 400
  • 21+ flights: CHF 500

Note: These fees are considered a project income and will go directly to the FAI Ballooning Commission to develop, run and maintain the Balloon Live app and the backend systems.

Balloon Live 1-3 flights

Organizer fee for 1-3 scheduled flights

CHF 50.00

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Balloon Live 4-8 flights

Organizer fee for 4-8 scheduled flights

CHF 100.00

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Balloon Live 9-15 flights

Organizer fee for 9-15 scheduled flights

CHF 250.00

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Balloon Live 16-20 flights

Organizer fee for 16-20 scheduled flights

CHF 400.00

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Balloon Live 21+ flights

Organizer fee for 21+ scheduled flights

CHF 500.00

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